Seeb Defender

Check out our upcoming game on steam: Seeb Defender! Breed plants with unique gameplay mechanics by simulating genetics, sunlight, and fluid flow. Join the Discord to keep up to date with development and try out alpha builds.

Fraculation LLC

Fraculation LLC is currently offering part-time consulting services as a specialist in the Unity game engine. For business inquiries, contact relliM naD

Fraculation is a single-person independent game development studio located at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our goal is to build highly replayable games and push the limits of what can be generated in real-time game engines. To achieve this, we specialize in procedural generation, graphical programming, and editor tooling in the Unity game engine.

Dan Miller

I started out in web development working primarily with Angular, C# backends, and cloud infrastructure for 4 years professionally. The past couple years I have been designing and developing games in Unity, carrying through my lifelong passion for games into creating them Optimizing real-time software and automating workloads have been long time passions of mine, and I find much overlap with game programming. In Unity specifically, utilizing the DOTS and Jobs systems to automate generation of new content and simulation fills these niches fabulously. As well as building in-editor tooling to speed up design workflows inside Unity.



My Work